The foop App will make home gardening easy and fun for everyone.
You can intuitively start home gardening with your smart phone right away.

  • foop App


    Download the App that will tell you "what's up" with your vegetables.

    Available on the App Store ANDROID APP ON Google Play

    * You can use App when synchronized with foop.
    * You need to have Facebook account to use foop App.
    * iPhone iOS9.3 or later, Android 4.4.3 or later

  • Automatic setting of growing recipe

    Automatic setting of growing recipe

    Choose a vegetable recipe that you want to grow on App, and foop will automatically set the environment ideal for that vegetable.

  • Status of plants

    Status of plants

    With the App, you can monitor growing duration, the amount of water and growing temperature even when you are away from home. The App will tell you ideal time for thinning out and harvesting you vegetables with simple messages, so that you growing your own vegetables is care free.

  • Function and notification

    Function and notification

    With the App, you can check environmental conditions inside and outside of foop, including temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, brightness, water level, the speed of the dedicated fans.

  • Simple and easy operation

    Simple and easy operation

    Because it is an intuitive and simple screen to operate, it will be fun to check the App every day.

  • Camera frame

    Camera frame

    Using the frame displayed on the App camera, you can take a good balanced shot. The number of cultivation days and the date are recorded in the photograph.

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Gateway to the support site that responds to ‘What shall we do when such is the case?’ foop support will respond in a simple and easy chat format.

  • Cultivation advice according to location.

    Cultivation advice according to location

    By turning on smartphone location information, advice will be given on cultivation according to region and the season.

* Remote monitoring, Cloud Assistant, and Smart notification are provided only when you have a stable Wi-Fi connection.