Round cylinder type shape, buttonless design, smooth Hida Wood.
There are a number of design ideas for your new lifestyle with home grown vegetables.

  • Cylinder type shape

    Cylinder type shape

    Look into. Look at. Glance. We adopted a cylinder type design, the shape and angles of which will naturally enhance any lifestyle.

  • Hida Wood

    Smooth Hida Wood

    You will feel the urge to keep touching it. We used specially designed, warm and smooth to the touch Hida Wood for foop's side board.

  • All function buttons are put into your smart phone.

    All function buttons are put into your smart phone

    We put all function buttons into the dedicated smart phone App, so you can operate foop in a modern and familiar manner. Buttonless and advanced design will bring out the natural beauty of your home grown vegetables.

  • Design for easy plant care

    Design for easy plant care

    In designing foop, we focused on ease of use, so you can use it effortless for a long time. We added a smooth moving sliding cover and pull out tray for further enhancement of the growing experience.

  • The cups that gently cover the plant roots.

    The cups that gently cover the plant roots

    foop will promote the steady growth of your vegetables by keeping the roots and water surface in a stable position. As the cups and sponge will support the roots, the vegetable can develop on their own without difficulty. Sponges are easily replacable with each crop.

  • Transparent front cover

    Transparent front cover

    foop's semi closed style acrylic front cover will keep out most insects and dust. You can easily remove and rearrange your plants as desired.

  • Product Design

    Hideo Kambara, produce designer and art director.Born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1978. After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University he worked at TOTO and Dentsu, and later founded BARAKAN DESIGN.His design activities extend to a wide range of areas including product, graphic and interior design.
    Hideo was awarded various prizes and distinctions including D&AD Award, Good Design Award and he also has a permanent collection at MoMA in New York.
    Hideo also currently serves as a Special Assistant Professor at Tokyo University, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology.BARAKAN DESIGN