6 advantages of hydroponic gardening

You can grow various types of vegetables in an easy and hygienic way.
Anyone, including beginners and experienced gardeners, can enjoy indoor gardening with foop.

  • Rapid growth

    Rapid growth

    With appropriate nutritional support, your hydroponic vegetables will grow faster than through traditional soil cultivation.

  • Fresh and ready to eat

    Fresh and ready to eat

    Vegetables are fresh and ready to eat without washing, as they grow in a clean and hygienic environment.

  • Unaffected by weather

    Unaffected by weather

    Vegetables can grow in stable environment unaffected by weather.

  • Easy to maintain

    Easy to maintain

    As you can pull out the tray and clean it, you can maintain hygienic conditions.

  • Convenient


    You don’t need to prepare or use any gardening tools as your vegetable will grow in water and nutrient solution only.

  • foop is economical because you can harvest and eat only the vegetable you want


    There is no waste and thus foop is economically efficent! You can harvest and use only the vegetable you need for cooking.