Smart and innovative functions

There are many innovative functions inside foop's stylish design.
foop will provide you wit sophisticated support for
the points you would not be able to monitor in regular gardening for an enhanced growing experience.

  • Facial expression icons show the status of vegetables.

    Interactive icons show the status of vegetables.

    There are more than 20 unique interactive icons that will show the status of your vegetables,
    such as the time for care and harvest.

    facial expression icons

  • News from foop
    News from foop gif

    News from foop

    Temperature management is extremely important among the environmental conditions for vegetable cultivation. foop will inform you about the current weather, outside temperature, room temperature etc.

    facial expression icons

  • Smart sensors monitor changes in growing conditions.

    Smart sensors monitor changes in growing conditions.

    Sensors constantly monitor light intensity, CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity. LED light, air pump and ventilation fan will support cultivation.

     Brightness sensor: Monitor the environment brightness and LED lights states.
     Water level sensor:Monitor and control the interior water level. The sensor will tell you the appropriate time for watering via the dedicated app on your smart phone and foop's unique facial icons.
     Temperature and humidity sensor:check the temperature and humidity, and activate cloud notifcation and environmental control fans.
     CO2 sensor:measure the CO2 concentration in the air and your will learn the air quality of your room. (foop white Not available)
     Door sensor:lets you know if the front transparent cover is open or closed.

    * There is a limit on the temperature or humidity control effect of the ventilation fan. Please avoid placing your foop in locations that could become extremely hot or cold.

  • 3-color LED lights

    Special LED lights

    We use specially designed LED lights that are ideal for growing vegetables. The LED lights provide sufficient light to grow vegetables indoors.

  • Sun rise・Sun set

    Sun rise・Sun set

    The specially designed LED lights automatically control the brightness according to morning and night. By slowly turning the LED light on and off the brightness can be brought to a more natural level.

  • Contactless sensor

    Contactless sensor

    We adopted hidden, contactless sensors. They are very easy to maintain as there are no cables or contact parts.

  • Environment adjustment fans.

    Environment adjustment fans.

    Automatically adjust the rotational speed of each of the two fans depending on the temperature and humidity measured by the sensor. The fans will help to support the vegetables by keeping the environment stable.

  • Simple air pump

    Air pump

    In order for the vegetables to absorb sufficient nutrition, it is important to maintain proper level of oxygenation in the water. The dedicated air pump will adjust the air flow to the ideal state.

  • foop dimensions


    W498mm x D320mm x H326mm

PowerAC 100-240V 50/60Hz
DimensionsW498mm x D320mm x H326mm
Weightapproximately 8 kg
Plants20 plants at maximum
Temperature15-30 degrees Celsius

Trayapproximately 4 liters
Communication Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n/g/b (support only 2.4GHz, WPA/WPA2-PSK)、Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1               

* Price and specification of the product may be changed without advance notice.