A new way to grow your own vegetables.

  • Small capsule, big future.
    Condenses innovative ideas and knowledge into capsules.
    Hydroponic cultivation, more fun, more easily.
  • foop capsule
    Hydroponic cultivation, more fun, more easily.
    foop capsule
    Set the capsule.
    That’s it!
    We thought out how to make hydroponic cultivation easier and a more enjoyable experience. And this is the small capsule we came up with. After the package is delivered, open it up, put in the liquid fertilizer and set the capsule. That’s it! After that foop App will guide you through everything.

    By using capsules, the sowing time has been reduced from 30 minutes to 3 minutes.
    Place liquid fertilizer in the tray
    foop capsule
    Add water to the cultivation tray up to the water level line and add two packs of the foop nutrition (nutrient solution).
    Set the capsule
    foop capsule
    Open the lid of the foop capsule (seed capsule) and place it on the cultivation plate.
    Growing vegetables
    foop capsule
    Just choose the type of vegetable from the application, then start cultivating.
    foop capsule
    The appropriate amount of liquid fertilizer comes packaged.
    We have improved the foop nutrition (nutrient solution pack), because the concentration of the solution greatly influences plant growth. Plants will not grow well if the nutrients are either insufficient or excessive. With our packaged foop nutrition (nutrient solution pack), you don’t need to be bothered with any measuring when preparing the solution. Just put two packs into the foop’s tray in the beginning when you start a new recipe. Later when foop app informs you to add water, simply add 1 pack for 2L water.
  • foop capsule
    Condensed ideas and knowledge.
    foop capsule
    Packed with wisdom and effort,
    hydroponic cultivation is led to success.
    By repeatedly carrying out verifications, we succeeded in creating the most appropriate environment for seed growth in this simple capsule. With a mechanism that precisely adjusts the position of seeds and the rate of contact with moisture, even those without experience of hydroponic cultivation can increase their germination success rate.

    International patent pending
  • foop capsule
    Capsules that are both Earth and people friendly.
    foop capsule
    People friendly organic seeds and an Earth friendly capsule material.
    In the capsule design philosophy, ‘kindness to the Earth and people’ is embedded. We use organic seeds free of agricultural chemicals and not genetically modified, therefore we can grow vegetables and eat safely. In addition. capsules made from environmental friendly materials that can be disposed after harvesting.
  • foop capsule
    Wider choice, greater enjoyment.
    foop capsule
    We will add more vegetables that can grown from our capsules.
    After harvesting, what shall we grow next? Imagining the variety of vegetables grown from foop capsules, we ensure to make your hydroponic cultivation experience more enjoyable, more fun and more easy.
    line up
    irodori lettuce
    foop capsule
    A rich baby leaf lettuce that mixes spicy leaf and mild leaf.

    baby leaf
    foop capsule
    A mix of four kinds of baby leaves.
    The balance of green and red is good and the taste is mild.

    foop capsule
    A sesame-like flavor and faint bitterness.
    It can be used in various dishes such as salads and sandwiches.

    leaf lettuce
    foop capsule
    Light green lollo lettuce,
    a representative leaf lettuce in Europe.
    There are many ways to enjoy.
    foop capsule
    Goes well with tomatoes and cheese,
    well used in Italian cuisine.
    mini tomato
    foop capsule
    Cute, short stem mini tomatoes,
    15 to 20g in weight.
    more to come...
  • foop capsule
    Purchase the set
    foop capsule
    10piece set
    foop capsule(種子カプセル)x 10
    foop nutrition(養液パック)x 5
    foop capsule
    5piece set
    foop capsule(種子カプセル)x 5
    foop nutrition(養液パック)x 5
    A set of capsules with liquid fertilizer, which can be planted immediately after it arrives.
    The ten piece set is complete with everything necessary for one cultivation.
    This is all you need. If you are combining vegetables, a set of five is recommended.
    Sold out