foop Standard

Hida craftsmen, working with the wood piece by piece,
carefully polish it so as to maximize the appeal of the organic wood grain and its beautiful luster.
Unique to natural wood is the delight of its appearance gradually changing over time as it adapts to the living environment.

  • Beech wood

    Beech wood

    The side board uses Hida’s natural beech wood. Hida beech is characterized by its fine wood grain and milky white color giving it a natural and soft impression. By applying a high-grade process to the surface, we have a beautiful design that brings out the best of Hida Wood.


    ※ Customers who place an order will get a 「foop capsule」10piece set.
    ※ The shipping time of the goods depends on the production situation.
    ※ Shipping is limited to within Japan.
    ※ We regret to tell you that at this moment our product can only be used, shipped, serviced and warrantee in Japan.

  • Walnut


    North American walnut is characterized by its dark striped markings. It is a special feature not seen in domestic walnut wood. The appearance of the gentle wood goes well with interiors and sharpens the atmosphere of the space.
    The color gradually brightens with age. We are processing wood from North America at the Hida sawmill.

  • Sakura


    One of the hardwoods representative of the Hida area. The formal name is yamazakura or Japanese cherry. It has a moderate hardness and excellent processability. In the Edo period its relationship with Japanese culture was so deep that it was decided that ‘Ukiyo-e woodblocks are Japanese cherry’.
    The material is an elegant pink, with the color gradually becoming darker with age. Tables and chests of drawers made from cherry wood are premium first-class items.

* Because natural wood is used, the actual color may differ slightly from the photograph.